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Legacy Partners

Would you like to encourage others to support The Other Way Ministries for generations to come? If you’ve included The Other Way Ministries in your Will (or Estate Plan or with any other planned gift), we invite you to share a few words about why the ministry is special to you. Your story will help us encourage others – in our Legacy Partners materials and website – including friends of The Other Way Ministries, other Legacy Partners members, as well as your family and friends.

As a member of legacy partners, you will receive:

  • A special gift edition of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
  • A personal “thank-you” note from Scott Bloem
  • A special bookmark made for you by program participants
  • A Legacy Partners newsletter with inspiring testimonies from fellow legacy partners members and recommended resources
  • Special event invitations for Legacy Partners members.

What Kinds of Gifts Qualify for Membership?


A bequest, the most popular type of planned gift, is when you give personal property by a Will. examples include leaving remaining funds after loved ones are provided for, a specific dollar amount, and specifying a percentage of your estate.

Life Insurance

You can name The Other Way Ministries as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or you can make a current gift of the policy by naming the other Way ministries as the owner of the policy.


A trust manages your assets while you are living and distributes assets after you’re gone. like a Will, a bequest to The Other Way Ministries may be included in your trust.

Real Estate

You can gift your second home, cottage, land, commercial building, or investment property. The Other Way Ministries can then use the property for its mission, or sell it and use the proceeds for developing stronger families for the future.

Charitable Gift Anuity

A gift annuity is a contract between you and the Other Way Ministries which exchanges a gift to the other Way ministries for an annuity (guaranteed lifelong income) to you.

Business Interests

Gifts of business interests—closely held stock, s-corporation stock, partnership investments, and publicly held shares in a corporation—can be a very effective way to extend the impact of The Other Way Ministries.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Like a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust provides income to you for life and a gift to charities such as The Other Way Ministries at your death.


The Other Way Ministries accepts commodity gifts such as corn or soybeans. Commodity gifts are easy to make, and there may also be tax benefits.

Retirement Assets

The most tax-efficient way to give retirement assets is from your estate at your death. No income taxes or estate taxes are due on assets that go to charity.

Meet some of our Legacy Partners Members

Lou and Linda Roossien

Friends, I wanted to give you a quick update as to what I’m doing, and why I decided to become a member of The Other Way Legacy Partners.

First, I have a part-time contract with the Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Last August, Linda and I were part of an oral biblical storytelling workshop in Cameroon, West Africa to train indigenous leaders to tell the Good News in their “Mother-Tongues.” In addition, Linda and I are much more available for Grand-parenting gigs, and we also resumed camping again!

Linda and I became part of The Other Way Legacy Partners because of the Christ-centered ‘family development’ vision. The Other Way Ministries is doing the ‘hard, right thing’, moving beyond relief to development ministry. Implementing this vision will create generational change! And I love and have great confidence in the relationship between The Other Way Ministries staff and neighbors as I see them focusing together to make sustainable changes in the lives of Westown families.

Linda and Gordy Ploeg

Linda Ploeg was introduced to The Other Way Ministries in 2003. Having worked with non-profits for over 30 years, she was immediately impressed with the (former) director Lou Roossien and the prayerful approach the organization uses as it faces opportunities and challenges.

Over the past decade, Linda counts it a privilege to continue being involved as a volunteer, supporter and now as a board member. “It was not a difficult decision to make when my husband and I prepared our estate plan to include The Other Way Ministries as our third ‘child.’ Our desire in our estate planning is to leave our God-given blessings to those who will be blessed now and eternally by them, and multiply it for His Kingdom.”

Linda and Gordy believe that The Other Way Ministries relationship focus and mentoring approach provides an impact both today and into the future with each family that they come along side.

Chad Boorsma

Chad Boorsma teaches elementary school students in Zeeland. And on weekends, you’ll often find Chad leading worship in area churches, using his gifts vocally and at the organ and piano.

Chad was also among the first to sign on as a charter member of The Other Way Legacy Partners. When asked why he decided to take this important step, Chad says, “The Other Way is an organization that you can trust. They have been faithful to God’s call for so many years, that it made sense to make a financial commitment in my Will.”

If you were to spend a few minutes with Chad, you’d soon discover his contagious enthusiasm behind that commitment. “The thing I love most about The Other Way,” Chad observes, “is its long-standing commitment to minister to its neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. The staff, volunteers, and board have a passion to bring hope and light to the west side of Grand Rapids.”

Reflecting on the past and future of the ministry, Chad says “God has blessed The Other Way richly, and I believe He will continue to do so.”

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

-Psalm 100:5

“The Other Way has remained faithful to these core values: the Lordship of Christ over all, integrity in all aspects of ministry, and respect for the dignity of all people. God is bringing His Kingdom in Westown.”

-Deb Borst
Former Staff Member

“I support The Other Way Ministry because I can see the results and I feel God’s blessing for doing so.”

-Jerry Hop
J&H Family Stores, Donor

“Participating in the Legacy program is a wonderful way to “store up our treasure in heaven”. The program sustains the mission of The Other Way and impacts the community for lifetimes to come.”

-Mark Roberts
Former Board Chair