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FRESH Market

FRESH Market offers fresh, local produce and staple food items at a price that is accessible to all.

Our retail market, overseen by our Agape Co-op, originally opened to provided a low-cost, walkable source of fresh, healthy, and local food in our neighborhood. The market is open to the public, and offers an innovative sliding-scale for pricing, allowing customers to choose a price point based on their income and budget. In addition, the market accepts the Bridge Card for SNAP/EBT customers, and participates in the Double-Up Food Bucks program, which doubles the purchasing power of Bridge Card users when purchasing produces with those benefits. We proudly source our food from Michigan farms and are proud to support our local food economy.

Funding for this market is provided by Heart of West Michigan United Way, Amway Corporation in partnership with The Other Way. Additionally, items purchased at full price provide additional support and financial sustainability to this unique program!

Program funded by Heart of West Michigan United Way and Amway

West Fulton FRESH Farm Market Hours​