Passing the Buck

May 22, 2017

Community Development, General

My first summer as an intern at The Other Way, in 2000, I remember all of the interns taking a class with The Other Way’s founder, Dick TerMaat, called “City Seminar.” I was so inspired by what Dick had to say that I still have my notes! One of the things he shared with us was the concept of “Passing the Buck.” It goes like this:

If you spend a dollar at Frank’s Market, chances are that the owner, Fritz, will use it to get coffee at Tim Horton’s and then Tracey, the manager of Tim Horton’s, will buy some paint at Rylee’s Ace Hardware, and Jon, the manager at Rylee’s, will get some tacos at El Granjero and Mercedes, the owner of El Granjero, will deposit that dollar with Bob at Chemical Bank who will then loan it out to a new homeowner. You get the idea, right?  When we spend local, the money stays local. It is one of the things that makes a neighborhood thrive. We know that a vibrant local economy is good for our neighbors.  Not only can they find the goods and services they need, but it also creates local employment opportunities.

We are so fortunate to partner with many local businesses on the Westside and in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Some of these businesses have been sharing their dollars with us since the very beginning. Just last year, more than 30 businesses supported The Other Way, giving a combined total of almost $40,000!  So, as a way of giving back, we wanted to honor and highlight the businesses who have come alongside us during this 50th Year as sponsors. They have invested in us so that we can make Kingdom investments with the families who live on the Westside.

Thank you!

Kurt Reppart, Executive Director