March 19, 2015


2015-03-13 Cheri for webCheri McClain-Beatty is our Community Resource Center (CRC) and Food Pantry Manager. Cheri is part time (20 hours a week), overseeing the CRC staff and all the workings of the Food Pantry. She manages all our pantry’s incoming donations, outgoing product to our neighbors and the full staff of pantry volunteers.

Before coming to work at The Other Way, Cheri has worked as a pre-school teacher, medical secretary, children’s clothing designer and a graphic designer. As a member of Servant’s Community Church, she currently serves as a deacon. “I love my west side and am passionate about serving my community.”

Cheri’s free time is spent with her family, camping, biking, hiking, creating and enjoying fine art and playing the violin. She is a key organizer of Servant’s Community Church’s Summer Fine Arts Camp. Cheri loves just about any kind of soup and Sherman’s Grasshopper ice cream.